Where It All Began

by | Jan 1, 2018 | Off Topic

I like seeing people happy and improving in their lives. That’s partially why I became a family law attorney, specializing in a mediative approach and favoring Collaborative practice. Few people know that I originally wanted to be a social worker. Back when I was considering what career I wanted to build, my mother dissuaded me from becoming a social worker because, as a social worker herself and a single mother raising three children, she wanted me to feel more financially secure in my career than she felt in hers.
My desire to be a social worker came out of a heart for working with people at a baseline level, helping them deal with emotions and struggles. I feel accomplished when my clients are moving forward in their lives, being happy or successful, whether it’s socially, in a job or in a relationship. Even when clients see that divorce was indeed the best thing for them, somehow I made a difference, helping them get to that point of acceptance and peace.
In any career, there is a bit of social work involved in the work that we do. Emotions, family dramas, workplace snafus – all situations require seeing people as human, fragile and with similar desires and dreams coursing through their veins as our own. When my clients find happiness in any part of their lives, I know my work has been successful. That’s social work. While I may not hold a degree in social worker, I know I am helping people cope with their circumstances and change their story when they need to. And I’m thrilled to be doing it.

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Reflecting On What Matters

Reflecting On What Matters

The end of a calendar year is a good time to reflect on what matters to you. Whether you’re going through a divorce or not, checking in with your priorities and how they inform your life decisions is always time well spent.