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by | Sep 9, 2013 | Transitions Legal News

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I was very deliberate in choosing the new name for my law firm –  Transitions Legal.

As in any business branding exercise, I worked with my public relations/marketing consultant to look for the right words to reflect the values and services my business has to offer. The name of a business should tell you more than just what it does or who it is – it should be iconic, something that builds brand awareness and leaves a lasting impression that stands out from the crowd of competitors.

Although not necessarily the “norm” for law firms, this concept struck a chord with me, and I hope that’s what happens with my brand.

As a divorce attorney and mediator with more than two decades of legal experience, I want my clients to know that I am here for them through the major, and sometimes tumultuous, transition of life we call “divorce.” And, I can and will help them emerge on the other side intact, confident and eyes-forward.

I didn’t go to law school thinking divorce would be my specialty. But because of some formative experiences with divorce, a neighbor whose compassionate approach to family law inspired me, and a natural proclivity to wanting to help others, I ended up gravitating toward this niche.

I’m glad I did. It is incredibly satisfying for me to work with someone during their hour of need and see them emerge strong from a challenging time. My main work is not just to make a divorce happen; it’s to empower my clients to move forward in their lives.

The renowned Austrian composer Gustav Mahler once said, “The real art of conducting consists in transitions.”

It’s easy to play the notes in front of you and to continue with a movement that has a familiar flow.

It’s another thing altogether to seamlessly shift from loud to soft, big music to subtle music. What happens in between misery and joy can make all the difference.

And that’s what I do every day.

In my practice, I always felt like I was helping families in transition move from one phase of life to another but I never put this message out there. It’s important for people to know that going through a divorce is a transition – for them and for their family – not an end but the beginning of a new movement that they alone can compose, as beautifully and inspiring as they see fit.

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