Vision for Your Life

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I meet with many people who are considering getting divorced. Some have a vision for what their life will look like after they end their marriage. Some have no idea.

The people who have a positive vision and are ready to take action are most likely to achieve happiness down the road.

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How many times have you heard someone complain about being unhappy with their lives? Do they talk about this beautiful vision of how their life could be?

And do they sit there, never taking action, just whining, ranting, crying about what is, rather than changing it to what could be?

To really have a vision, it’s imperative to get up off the couch and take steps to make your dreams come true.

A girlfriend of mine wanted to move from a big city, change her job, and live in a college town. She took action to make it happen. As scared as she was, facing such a huge life change, she moved across the country for a different job, after living in a city for three decades.

She’s so happy in her new life! Yes, it was scary at times, and there were moments when she worried she was making the wrong decision. But she took action rather than just talking about it, and she hasn’t looked back.

Change is scary for everyone. Sometimes we need to scare ourselves into making life better.

Life after divorce can look any way you want it to. It’s up to you.

It doesn’t have to be empty, lonely, lacking love. If you worry that you can’t change your life because you don’t have enough money, or you’re afraid you’ll be lonely at the end, change the vision.

See yourself happy, with friends, finding new love. See yourself filling your time by going to the gym, trying a new activity you’ve always yearned to learn.

Once you change your vision of yourself into something positive, you can actually make it happen. It’s all in your hands.

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