The Path of Uncertainty

The Path of Uncertainty

The Path of Uncertainty

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There are times when we effortlessly move along on our journey towards the life we envisioned. As things fall into place, life presents a detour that forces us off our path. Naturally, we will do whatever it takes to follow the plans we set for ourselves.

Occasionally, life pulls us in another direction.
Welcome to the path of uncertainty. This can be a dark place when we feel like we are under a microscope. We question our thoughts and actions.

When we find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation, it is for a reason beyond our understanding. This is a time to keep an open mind and receive the lesson life is teaching us.

To walk the path of uncertainty with ease, it is important to see the big picture and where we fit in it. During this process, reflect on the following questions: Is the same lesson repeating itself?
Is there another way that I can respond to this situation?

What am I doing to help the situation?

Is there something that I need to release so I can move forward?

The path of uncertainty leads to the road of change. We must allow ourselves to become an open student of life and be ready for the outcome. The beauty of being on the path of uncertainty, is that we find parts of ourselves we didn’t know existed.

It takes a lot of courage to fully trust the process of life’s unknown path.

I understand this can be a difficult time; hang in there! Sometimes life forces us to pause, so we can learn and guide ourselves to a transformational outcome. This too shall pass and when it is over, you will be a stronger person for having gone through it.

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