Process: Waiting in Court

Process: Waiting in Court

Process: Waiting in Court

So many times, I’ve gone to court on a motion, and I spend a lot of time sitting and waiting.

We all do.

Clients sit and wait for lawyers to negotiate. Lawyers sit and wait for referee or family counselors to make decisions.

Judges wait for referees to make recommendations that judges can rule on.

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This whole process of family court is a big sit-and-wait proposition. So much waiting time, awkward, wordless, uncomfortable.

Whenever possible, I try not to go to court.

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I mean, if we can work out a settlement in a comfortable office with hot coffee and low lighting, why not?

Doing so certainly follows the mediative approach I strive for with my practice.

When I do go to court, I find it frustrating to wait in narrow hallways, tapping fingers, leafing through papers we’ve already reviewed many times.

Is there a way to change the system?

Hopefully, we can find ways to improve the way family law happens. We’re all in this together. My goal is to be helpful to families, and I believe that’s a goal shared by referees, Friend of the Court, judges, clerks, anyone who is involved in family law.

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