Choosing Happiness

Choosing Happiness

Choosing Happiness

Do you realize happiness is a choice?

Can you think of a person, or a lot of people, who indulge in misery, maintain their downcast eyes and unpleasant grin no matter what comes their way?

We all have choices. Recently, I listened to a radio showcalled Simply Happy (find it here) about happiness vs. success. Do we define happiness and success differently or are they one and the same?

Do you take a job that offers you a lot of money, or a job where the work touches your heart and fuels your passion so it doesn’t even feel like work?

On the radio show, the host was talking about happy and unhappy cities. A lot of the unhappy cities were big bustling metropolises like New York, where the expenses and the goals and the lifestyle is fast-fast-fast and money-money-money. No surprise it’s an “unhappy place.”

I’m going to argue that happiness leads to success – if you’re happy, you will be successful, no matter what you do.

California is a happy place for the most part. People focus on the positive there. They don’t talk about potential earthquakes or the very real possibility of the fault lines eventually breaking the entire state apart from the mainland and making Arizona ocean-front property.

They talk about the sunshine. They don’t talk about smog. They talk about being laid-back and opportunity and diversity. They flock to juice bars and yoga classes and mountain hikes and they surf year-round.

You might have to drive through a lot of traffic to get there but once you’re there, you’re looking at ocean and sunshine and wherever you’ve just come from is a faint memory.

People who come to see me about a divorce have usually driven through a lot of their own personal traffic and are making the decision to choose happiness!

Do something to make yourself happy today! Make decisions that will up your happiness factor.

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