Our Lunch & Learn Series Is Taking Off!

Our Lunch & Learn Series Is Taking Off!

Our Lunch & Learn Series Is Taking Off!

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With emotions at an all-time high and political tensions running deep, separating friend and foe alike, I knew I had to do something.

That’s why I launched Take Action this year, a lunch-and-learn monthly series, hosted at my office at 280 N. Old Woodward Ave., Suite LL20 in Birmingham, featuring a speaker on a pressing issue and information on ways to get involved.

Consider joining us! The list of dates and speakers is below.

So many people were shell-shocked in one way or another after our presidential election, and I felt it was essential to find ways to take action so we can repair our communities. This is a personal passion of mine but also a moral obligation to do what I can to inspire people to become informed and get involved in meaningful ways.

The Take Action Lunch & Learn Series includes the following dates and topics (all programs begin at 11:30 a.m., free of charge; RSVP is required at aps@lynneg5.sg-host.com):


  • March 23, 2017, featuring Amna Osman, Executive Director of HAVEN, speaking about Domestic Violence
  • April 20, 2017, featuring Trish Hubbell, of the Greening of Detroit, speaking about the environment and Earth Day
  • May 18, 2017, featuring Barbara L. Ciaramitaro, PhD, Director, Center for Cybersecurity Leadership at Walsh College, speaking on Internet Safety
  • June 8, 2017, featuring MihaelaMitrofan, Director, New Americans, Samaritas, speaking on Refugee Resettlement
  • July 6, 2017, featuring Lynne Golodner, CEO/Founder, One Earth Writing, speaking on Freedom of Speech/Expression
  • August 17, 2017, featuring Liliana Reyes of Affirmations, focusing on gender equality/sexual orientation
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  • September 14, 2017, featuring Frankie Piccirilli, Chief Development Officer, COTS, speaking on homelessness and poverty
  • October 19, 2017, featuring Justin Hiller of Gleaners, focusing on hunger
  • November 16, 2017, featuring Judge Michael Warren, focusing on voting rights
  • December 7, 2017, featuring a panel of speakers on religious freedom

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