When Alisa Peskin-Shepherd leads a divorce Mediation, it’s not your typical Mediation. It’s driven by the Insight Approach to Conflict Resolution, and everyone involved is better off because of this unique approach!

An approved Mediator in the state of Michigan, Alisa Peskin-Shepherd has helped countless couples dissolve their marriage without drama, litigation or prolonged court battles. Guided by the Insight Approach to Conflict Resolution, Alisa facilitates discussions between the parties on the direction they want to take their family post-divorce.

Consider ending your marriage through thoughtful, productive conversation – even if at times things get challenging! This unique approach helps both spouses and their children get to a better place. Alisa Peskin-Shepherd brings out the underlying ability to respect the other person and bring them to a healthy compromise where they are both happy and ready to move forward.

There are many ways to achieve a divorce. Couples can go the way of traditional litigation through the court system, or decide to build a team that shepherds them through the Collaborative Divorce process. Still others choose Mediation as the humane, productive way to work together to end their marriage.

In Mediation, the Mediator is a neutral third party, whose role is to help divorcing parties discuss and resolve their disputes.This happens outside of court. If Alisa Peskin-Shepherd serves as Mediator for a couple seeking to end their marriage, she cannot later represent one of them as a divorce lawyer.

Mediating parties articulate the issues they’re facing, discuss shared and opposing interests, and build understanding. From there, guided by the Mediator, they share information to discover ideas that can lead to a mutually beneficial resolution.


A mediator has no power to make a decision for the parties. However, good mediators help divorcing spouses reach a resolution they can live with and comfortably agree to.

Most mediations begin with everyone convening for an exploratory session. The parties explain the issues. The Mediator lays out the terms of mediation, describing the process and explaining her role so everyone understands the process. Together, the Mediator along with the couple, establish ground rules for how to move forward.

If the parties reach an agreement through Mediation, the Mediator can help write the agreement. Once signed by the clients, such an agreement is enforceable.

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