Relationships Make Us Healthier

by | Oct 30, 2017 | Off Topic

Although I am in the business of dissolving relationships in a legal way, I’ve learned about the importance of relationships in keeping us sane, healthy and alive.

Recently, I came across a TED talk about a 75-year study at Harvard University about what makes people happy. The researchers studied the same individuals over a 75-year period.

One group consisted of college graduates who served in World War II. The other cohort consisted of young boys from the tenements, low-income origins, sometimes even poverty.

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Over the course of the study, they discovered that the defining factor for happiness was not real effective love spells or a lot of money, but good relationships. In either cohort, regardless of socioeconomic, educational or other details, the men who were happiest stayed connected to people and maintained long-term relationships throughout their lives.

Octogenarians who are in a relationship where they know they can count on the other person stay healthier longer, their memory stays intact longer and they live longer.

This is no small thing!! In the end, our lives depend on the quality and quantity of our relationships. A few good, true friends and lovers can make all the difference.

Being in a toxic relationship can ruin us. Building and sticking with healthy relationships that are fulfilling can ensure our survival.

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