Peacemaker Signature: Passionate

by | Oct 21, 2019 | Collaborative Divorce

This blog about being a passionate advocate for my clients is another in my series of blogs about my peacemaker signature. Check out earlier blogs here and here.

I’m passionate about anything about which I feel strongly. Passion is essential for practicing law. You must believe in that for which you argue, that for which you work hard every day to effect a positive outcome.


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I am passionate about many things. Passionate about a woman’s right to choose.

Passionate about making sure women are seen, heard, and recognized for their worth and value.

Passionate about my daughters.

Passionate about my sisters.

Passionate about my friends.

Passionate about causes I believe in and communities that need uplifting.

In family law, I am passionate about making sure women are valued as much as men in divorce cases.

I speak up for those who need to be heard. I advocate on behalf of those who remain silent. I work hard to achieve equanimity in divorce cases.

I will be passionate about you, if we work together. Always.

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