Our Family in Two Homes

Our Family in Two Homes

Our Family in Two Homes is a resource package that you and your family can use during a divorce or separation while working with Alisa Peskin-Shepherd as your lawyer or mediator. It gives you the opportunity to identify what’s important to you during your divorce process, and in this way, you can be prepared for lawyer meetings and feel more in control of the process.

The Our Family in Two Homes workbook helps you accomplish the following goals:

Identify your primary goals and needs, as well as questions or concerns you may have about the process.

Provide your children with good parenting and a thoughtful co-parenting foundation from the start.

Get an idea of what options you’d like to have, and then be able to explore those options during meetings with your lawyer/mediator.

Educate yourself about the basics of family law so you can make informed decisions.

Allocate finances wisely to ensure a healthy future for both parties.

Communicate effectively with your partner.

A Resource Package that combines the knowledge of a collaborative family lawyer and a comprehensive workbook, so you can reach a separation agreement that works for your family.

For a flat rate, get this workbook plus three consulting hours with family law expert, mediator and Collaborative Divorce attorney Alisa Peskin-Shepherd.

Purposeful Divorce

The purpose of the Our Family in Two Homes package is to give you some good baseline information so you can begin your divorce with clarity and focus. Knowing your goals and needs ahead of time can help streamline the process.

Utilizing this pre-divorce preparatory package saves money and eases the divorce process. Getting clear on what you want and need will help prepare you to make solid decisions during the divorce process. And because the OFTH workbook comes with three consulting hours with Alisa Peskin-Shepherd, you are not alone with these decisions. You’ll discuss and consider the questions and ideas in the workbook under the guidance of a seasoned family law professional who can help you work out your divorce in a pleasing and respectful way!

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    Transitions Legal is the first licensee in Michigan of this innovative and helpful program to guide individuals and couples through the separation or divorce process. You’ll receive a comprehensive workbook to go through at your own pace and three hours of consultation with Alisa Peskin-Shepherd, a skilled mediator, Collaborative Divorce lawyer and long-time litigator who will guide you through the process of figuring out the best resolution for your family.

    Our Family in Two Homes helps you…

    Prepare to work with a Family Law professional

    Gain insights into yourself and your relationship

    Prioritize your values and what’s important for your family

    Provide information so that you can be efficient and effective during attorney meetings

    Realize how you react and respond

    Clear your mind so you can move forward with ease

    Our Family in Two Homes was created by Canadian Collaborative family law attorney Jacinta Gallant to help families prepare for their next phase in an organized and thoughtful manner. Transitions Legal is honored to be the first Michigan licensee of this unique and helpful program to separate and divorce strategically.