When I first learned of the Our Family in Two Homes resource, created by my colleague and friend Jacinta Gallant, I knew it was the item I’d been missing. 

Of course, back then I didn’t even know such a resource existed! But I am so glad it does. I give this comprehensive workbook to every Transitions Legal client before they begin the divorce process as a way to help them think through what they want, how they got to this point, and where they want to be in the future.  

It’s a step-by-step process of articulating values, defining priorities and taking a close, honest look at themselves to understand where they might come up short and what strengths might see them through the divorce. 

Let’s be honest – every relationship has its challenges. When we get to a point of no return, it’s never just the fault of one partner. A complex mix of factors, experiences and interactions leads to a relationship breakdown. So it doesn’t make sense to blame and blast another person just because we’re feeling hurt, rejected, angry or sad. 

Whether or not we want the divorce, the only thing we can control is how we respond to it and how we move forward. Our Family in Two Homes is a good first step in heading in that direction. 

There is just no easy way to a quick and painless divorce! It’s a breakup, and emotions come with it whether you are the initiator or the person served with divorce papers. 

But anyone can stack the deck in favor of their future by taking time, thought and care to think through what they want, who they are and who they might want to be going forward. This resource helps accomplish it. 

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