Moving Legal Houses – One of Life’s Transitions

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Transitions Legal News

Most people emerge from law school with their sights set on a job with a firm. And that’s where most people stay throughout their careers.

It’s what I did for most of my career, too. Only recently did I take the leap to set out on my own; after being a part of a firm and a partner in a small firm, I am now paving my own path as a solo practitioner with my own identity as a family law attorney.

I was fortunate along the way to have mentors who were positive influences and to be surrounded by colleagues in my firms who practice law with the same integrity as I do.

It’s daring to go out on your own. I’ll admit, it took me quite a while to get to a place where I was ready to take the leap.

And there are many reasons I wanted to build my own firm. Personally, I wanted my independence to grow the type of practice that reflects what I believe, to be the last word on the way in which I practice law, to choose the cases I wanted to work on (and to refer the ones that I didn’t feel were a good fit). When it’s your shop, you set the tone for the business.

What is my way of practicing? I call it mediative, which you’ll see explained in detail in another blog soon.

Suffice it to say that my clients are directly connected with my firm and with me. When you’re a small operation, clients get the benefit of the head honcho working on the details of their case. And in such a personal area as family law, you couldn’t ask for a better situation.

My clients know they’re not handed off to a junior associate. They get me every time.

And the relationship we’re building is about them – not one of many shuffled through a big machine.

My clients know they’re going to get personal attention from me throughout their case. My clients know that I am going to be the person paying attention to the details of their case . . . the details that affect their life.  For most of my clients, this fact alone has been a deciding factor in why they choose me over the many talented family law attorneys out there.

Choosing a family law attorney is a very personal choice; you want to know the person you’re talking to at the initial meeting is the person you’re going to be working most closely with throughout the process. No bait-and-switch.

When people ask me if I like my work, I say, “Of course! I love what I do – otherwise I really couldn’t practice this type of law.”

I have the gift of helping people through difficult times in their lives toward a manageable outcome. I am so honored to guide people through emotionally challenging times; it requires bravery to leave a marriage that isn’t working and build an entirely new, independent life. My clients are my inspiration.


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