Let’s Own Our Roles

by | May 6, 2019 | Family Law

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Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Dear Clients, 

You may not understand what happens behind the scenes of your case, so I’d like to let you in on the inside view. 

We work really hard for you. We hear everything you say. We feel your pain. We know this is a trying time in your life, perhaps the most trying time you’ve ever faced. 

We know this is URGENT for you. We know you want to move it along as quickly as possible, just to escape the pain.

We hear you. We see you. We know. 

That said, you must understand that divorce is a process and it takes time to unfold. Your divorce will take as much time as it needs to. There are many moving parts, many voices, many facts and many ways to interpret them.


You want instant answers and instant outcomes, but that is not realistic. It’s frustrating, we know. It’s disconcerting to not have an immediate response. Please know that while you are not our only client, when we are with you, our sole focus is on you and your case. But when we part, we have to do other work, or behind-the-scenes work, or even take a breather to maintain our personal sanity.


You know it’s not your-case-all-the-time and you wouldn’t want it to be.

We listen carefully, we read between the lines, we are straightforward with our expectations and opportunities. We ask that you do the same. If you can, we’ll get along just fine.

We are glad you’re here. We hope you are, too. We will all get through this, despite the bumps in the road, the pitfalls and unexpected curve balls. It is important we own our roles. We’re here to guide you through the bad times and the good. And there will be good. Trust us. It will work out in the end. 

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