It’s Never Too Late

by | Nov 19, 2018 | Legal Process

I met with a client recently who wished he had called me sooner. He hired me for limited scope representation, a new offering in Michigan legal circles. 

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He just didn’t have the right chemistry with the first attorney he worked with. In fact, he felt his attorney didn’t explain things well to him.

And even though he already agreed to a mediated settlement, there are still aspects of it that he does not understand, or thinks are unfair.

So he came to me for limited scope representation, which attorneys now have the ability to provide.

What Is Limited Scope Representation?

You can hire me – or any attorney, for that matter – to draft a document, to file a motion, to do one piece of the big puzzle that is family law.

Meeting with this client, I clearly did not know all the dynamics of his former counsel or the case itself. I did learn that his divorce took about a year to settle, and it wasn’t a big-asset case, so that tells me there might have been some personality conflicts that bottlenecked the process.

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Now that we have the option to offer limited scope representation, it’s not a bad idea for clients to have a second attorney review something before they agree and sign on the dotted line. It’s not a matter of voicing lack of confidence in your existing attorney.

It’s like getting a second opinion when a doctor offers a diagnosis – it can’t hurt; it can only help.

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At best, you learn that you’re on the right track and what you’ve agreed to is just fine. At worst, you stop big mistakes before they become permanent.
It felt good to hear that this client wishes he had come to me earlier because of the attention to detail I devote to my clients’ cases. That’s a nice compliment, and I’m proud he noticed. Ultimately, it matters who you hire. Trust your gut. These are important decisions you’re making. And forgive yourself if you eventually feel like not everything was perfect or ideal. You have the option to consult other attorneys now. Take advantage of it. It can be helpful.

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