Family Law A La Carte

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Family Law

Changes are afoot in family court!

The courts now allow family law attorneys to offer what I am calling “unbundled services.” Formally, and under the new rules that govern professional conduct and procedural practice in Michigan, this is called “limited scope representation,” (LRS) and it means you can hire an attorney for pieces of a divorce or related family law matter, rather than the whole thing.

In a litigation situation, I can be hired just to draft documents without signing them.

travel work
travel work

I can write letters, draft your pleadings and other court documents.

I can advise or consult.

I can serve as a negotiation coach.

All of these tasks and more are things I’ve done in the course of nearly three decades as a family law attorney, mediator, and collaborative practice professional. The only difference is that now, the court rules have changed, allowing attorneys to take on just a piece of a case, rather than the whole thing, as it used to be.

Think about it. You can hire an attorney to fully facilitate your divorce proceedings from behind the scenes or to be your litigation coach. You can hire an attorney for advice or negotiations only.

Times they are a changing in the family law arena.

Clients have more accessibility to legal services they specifically need to achieve the outcome they want.

Stay tuned for information on pricing for these unbundled services!

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