Choosing a divorce attorney is a big decision. Transitions Legal makes it about YOU.

Choosing a divorce attorney is an important choice and not one to take lightly. So why should you choose Transitions Legal to support you during your divorce?

Three easy reasons:

  1. We listen.
  2. Your case is about YOU.
  3. We customize our approach to meet your needs.

Reason 1: We Listen.

From an initial inquiry call to our first meeting to designing the approach to a case until its final hearing or judgment, we listen to our clients. This is so important!! By listening, taking notes, asking follow-up questions, and hearing what is NOT said, we get a sense of the situation, the people involved, and the goals for the outcome. Not all lawyers listen well. When you are interviewing divorce attorneys, pay attention to how well they listen to you. Your case is about YOU and your family. Make sure you choose someone who gets that.

Reason 2: Your case is about YOU.

Law firms are businesses, and lawyers earn a living by their billable hours. Sometimes, the people whose lives hang in the balance of the lawsuit can get lost in the process of doing business. At Transitions Legal, we bill for our time and watch the bottom line, but that is not the primary motivator. Alisa Peskin-Shepherd chose to specialize in the practice of family law because she wanted to help people through difficult times in their lives and guide them to emerge stronger and more confident about the possibilities. Her values guide the firm’s ethos. We customize each case to meet the needs of the client. There is no cookie-cutter approach to family law at Transitions Legal.

Reason 3: We customize our approach to meet your needs.

Choosing a divorce attorney

Alisa Peskin-Shepherd customizes every client case to suit their specific needs.

Every family and every couple has different needs, and their legal cases must reflect those needs and desires. When choosing a divorce attorney, remember that you want to end up, at the completion of your lawsuit, with resolution and a clear path ahead. Early planning meetings with new clients help us design an approach to divorce that is best suited to the outcomes the client hopes to achieve. Collaborative Divorce might be the best path for one client, while another would be better served by Mediation. Still another client might need a court hearing with a judge and discovery to fully achieve what they need in their divorce. At Transitions Legal, you will get what you need to achieve your goals and emerge with trust and confidence that will help you move forward.