Building an Inspired Divorce Strategy to Achieve Your Desired Outcomes

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Family Law

Do you have a divorce strategy? A strategy is defined as a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall goal.

When you begin working with a divorce lawyer, you will discuss the plan he or she recommends to proceed with your divorce. Those steps can change as the case unfolds, and hopefully your lawyer will communicate with you every step of the way about changes or pivots in strategy due to new information or responses from the other side.

What’s Your Plan?

I like to call it the Divorce Playbook. Almost with an athletic approach, here is how we will advance toward the desired goal and end up scoring points.

Sometimes that strategy includes going to court. And when that happens, there is a lot of scheduling that needs to happen which is dependent on the judge’s availability, the court docket, the Friend of the Court, and of course, the other side.

Detail Out Your Steps

Sometimes the strategy focuses more on negotiation and trying to settle outside of court. That’s an ideal scenario because then we can move at our own pace without having to depend on court availability.

A strategy can include different forms of discovering information, business valuations, appraisals, mediation and more. Every strategy includes communication with the other side’s attorney and the attorney to his or her client, so there can be some delay in response time.

When I work with clients, I lay out a timeline that I’d like to follow and hope that the other side will make it possible. I always update my clients on the status in real time, and if our strategy needs to evolve or change, we discuss it.

I’ll never move forward without my client’s consent to a proposed strategy. Continuing the athletic metaphor, this is a team effort!

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