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These testimonials were generously shared by clients after they completed their divorce cases.


Divorce Doesn't Have to be Difficult!

“Alisa provided clear-cut messaging and consultation. Her professionalism and clarity allowed her to work with an open mind, providing the support to make me to feel confident that my separation would be fair, and I would not suffer huge financial loss. Alisa had expertise in child care laws that neither I, nor my spouse’s lawyer, were aware of. Divorce doesn’t have to be difficult when your lawyer works with you!”
– Matt


A Great Support Network

“Alisa and her team used grit and tenacity during my divorce case. I wanted to achieve long-term financial support and primary custody of my children, and Alisa helped me do just that! She achieved 10 years of non-modifiable spousal support and 60% custody. She was recommended to me by a friend, and I will pay it forward for the next friend who needs a strong attorney!”


An Attorney Who Will Truly Represent You

“The best thing about working with Alisa was the way she was able to communicate well on my behalf. In the middle of a post-divorce case, Alisa assured me that our strategy would work. I am very satisfied with the outcome and would recommend her to any friend looking for a great lawyer!”


She Gets The Job Done

“If my spouse had an issue, I would counsel with Alisa. Her communication and advice made me comfortable. My spouse wanted to split the debts and keep the assets, leaving me wanting to give up. But Alisa assured me that even the court would not accept that. She was my rock! Because of Alisa, everything was in sync, and custody turned out exactly how I hoped.”


Listens & Offers Good Advice

“Alisa kept me grounded with her compassion. When my emotions ran high, she reminded me to look down the road, that my life will improve. She did not inflame issues like other attorneys do. I would absolutely recommend her to any friend who needs an attorney, especially when children are involved. Alisa has the ability to lay the groundwork for a collaborative divorce, allowing us to make decisions collectively.”


Detailed, Organized & Efficient

“Alisa was knowledgeable and organized throughout the process. Her mediation experience helped me focus on important issues and set aside emotions. Alisa worked hard for me without the typical bloated fees. Excellent work, Alisa!”


Highly Efficient & Helpful

“Alisa was amazing to work with. I recently had a name change after divorce, and she helped me every step of the way. She made it easy. Alisa is efficient, has excellent, timely follow-up, and was a pure pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her and will use her again.”


A Trusted Advisor

“Alisa helped me navigate the most stressful and emotionally draining periods of my life. She was incredibly responsive, and her professional guidance and counsel were invaluable toward achieving a divorce settlement that exceeded all my expectations. I would highly recommend Alisa to anyone who needs an attorney that will demonstrate distinctive value in addressing your family law issues.”


Lawyer and Friend

“Alisa always made me feel comfortable and at ease. She was caring and honest. What she told me she could get in my divorce, she did. It was not always easy, but she was always there supporting me.”


Lawyer, and Now a Friend

“Alisa is a powerful attorney and now my friend. Going through my divorce was the worst experience for me and my family. The one person I could rely on was Alisa. Having a reliable and respectful lawyer is EXTREMELY important.”


Look No Further; You’ve Found the Best

“I went to a trusted friend, who is also a well-respected attorney, for her recommendation of the best attorney to represent me in my divorce/custody case. She recommended Alisa, and I am so happy she did! Alisa is the closest thing to hiring a friend of the family. She cares about your case and is tenacious, effective, ethical, and professional. It was obvious how well-respected she is by colleagues, Friend of the Court, and judges. She was dedicated to my case, answered all my questions promptly, and stood by me through thick and thin. Her incredible knowledge of the law and her devotion to her clients is the reason why she is so successful.”


Thorough and Campassionate

“Alisa came highly recommended by a close attorney friend. Her professionalism, thoroughness, compassion and collaborative methodology far exceeded my high expectations. She was able to cut through the peripheral issues of a highly difficult case and focus on the true issues to achieve a positive outcome for all parties. Alisa’s diligence in managing my case – from punctuality to truly caring about me as a person and not just a client – was truly refreshing. It is my pleasure to give Alisa Peskin-Shepherd my highest recommendation in all family law matters.”


Best Experience in Divorce

“Ms. Peskin-Shepherd handled a divorce for me in 2006. Not my first divorce, it was the best experience I have had with any attorney for any legal situation. She is knowledgeable, acts quickly and concisely, and her professionalism is excellent. I was divorced in a matter of months, and she was instrumental in moving it along so that I could move on. I would recommend her to anyone who is facing a difficult legal situation and wants the best available help. Great results. Expert. High Integrity.”


A Strategic, Professional Guide

“Thanks to her experience and great judgment, Alisa’s strategic aptitude and foresight allowed her to find the best way through this most complicated matter. I felt great comfort knowing that she has the experience to undertake the obstacles we faced. I want to thank Alisa for her professional approach which helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Thank you for your hard work and keeping me involved through the whole process. A very satisfied client!”

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