Dignified Divorce Driven By Compassionate Expertise

Collaborative Divorce

Working together toward a common goal: a mutually beneficial resolution to how a marriage will end.

Gray Divorce

Divorce rates are climbing among Americans age 50+ – a phenomenon known as Gray Divorce.

Mission & Vision

Transitions Legal is a full-service family law firm that embraces a mediative philosophy to guiding clients through a dignified divorce process.

Led by Alisa Peskin-Shepherd, a divorce lawyer and expert with more than 20 years of experience in practice, we approach every client case with integrity, understanding and razor-sharp perspective for optimal outcomes.

Transitions Legal is guided by a mission and vision that offer a holistic perspective on divorce, taking into account all aspects of the family involved in the process. We aim to follow an integrity-based process that can ultimately benefit all participants.

Transitions Legal Guiding Principles

Listen objectively to clients’ journeys.
Create thoughtful recommendations and strategies for transitions from one relationship state to the next.
Support clients toward the best possible outcome.
Guide clients through divorce with dignity, avoiding litigation whenever possible.
    Maintain focus on total family needs throughout the divorce process.
    Build balance and perspective with compassion for the emotional roller coaster of divorce.
    Help clients in southeast Michigan build a strong foundation to progress into the next phase of their lives.


    Child Support & Spousal Support

    Custody & Parenting Time




    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions people wonder about as they prepare to divorce. Let us know if you have any other questions we can answer!

    What does a divorce cost?

    One of the most frequently asked questions is how much a divorce will cost.

    That depends! Divorces can run smoothly or be challenging, depending on the issues, opposing counsel and if both spouses are in agreement (or not). Pre-existing acrimony impacts the amount of time it takes to work out details and find resolution. Many factors play into how much your divorce will cost. Remember: vendettas cost a lot of money.

    How long does a divorce take?

    The state of Michigan requires statutory waiting periods for a divorce to complete – a minimum of 6 months when children are involved; without children, a minimum of 60 days. The unique facts and circumstances of your situation can extend the time needed to achieve resolution.

    People are usually anxious to get the divorce over with, which is why this is a frequently asked question. Just know that it will take time, and it will be over before you know it.

    Can my child decide where to live?

    Your child may express a preference for living with one parent over the other. Many people believe that when a child reaches a certain age, he or she can decide where to live.

    Not true. While a child’s desires may be taken into account, it is only one of 11 “best interest factors” the court considers when determining the division of parenting time.

    The judge considers all 11 factors to develop a full picture of the family when making a custody determination or considering a request to change custody. The child’s age and maturity may impact the judge’s likelihood of giving weight to the child’s stated preference.

    Alisa Peskin-Shepherd does not  believe in putting a child on the stand because it inevitably makes them feel pulled between parents. However, judges will talk with a child privately, if a party requests it.

    Am I entitled to spousal support?

    Whether you are entitled to spousal support or not depends on the facts and circumstances of your case. Guiding factors include: length of marriage, educational background, age of parties, ability to work, lifestyle and health. It’s important to look at each case individually.

    What should I expect when hiring a divorce lawyer?

    It’s wise to interview several lawyers to find the one whose personality and legal approach mesh with your style and needs. (Lawyers aren’t just problem-solvers; clients turn to us for support and guidance, too.)

    Once you choose a lawyer, you will sign a retainer agreement, outlining the obligations of both client and attorney. It’s common to pay a certain amount up front, toward your retainer, and provide a method of payment for future billings.

    Lawyers send detailed monthly invoices. Retainers are based on estimates of costs; actual costs incurred are detailed on every invoice.

    If you do not use the full amount you put forward at the start, you will receive the remainder back. If you reconcile, any remaining retainer will be fully refunded to you. Alisa Peskin-Shepherd provides FREE first consultations!

    This Is Transitions Legal

    Transitions Legal is a family law firm specializing in Divorce, Collaborative Divorce, and Mediation, founded by divorce lawyer Alisa Peskin-Shepherd in 2013.

    After decades of practicing in other firms, Alisa sought to create a one-of-a-kind firm focused on family law, divorce, and mediation as a path to help people through life transitions, rather than setting them up for acrimony, difficulty, hurt, and sadness.
    “Divorce does not have to be agonizing,” she says. “It can simply be a way to compassionately end a relationship that has fulfilled its purpose, without judgment and with healing.”

    It was important to carve out a specific identity based on Alisas’s unique approach to divorce law.

    “I want people to see that divorce is not an end but the next phase in their life’s journey,” she says. “And even if it’s not something that you initially want, most people come to their own conclusion that they are in a better place once they get through it.”

    “Establishing my own law firm allows me to be more than a divorce lawyer. I educate and support people, reaching them through social media, collaborative relationships, and in the community-at-large. No matter what path a relationship takes, we can be respectful and kind and have good outcomes.”

    Transitions Legal helps people live better. Whether that’s through financial wisdom and independence from a formerly controlling spouse, freedom from domestic abuse, or a peaceful parting for spouses seeking a collaborative end to their marriage, Transitions Legal focuses around each client’s needs and goals.

    From Collaborative Divorce and Litigation, custody and parenting time, child support, and spousal support cases, through full representation or Limited Scope Representation, Transitions Legal serves clients in Southeast Michigan who seek optimal outcomes for their families. The firm’s “mediative” approach is a realistic perspective of outcomes based on client goals, working together to reach a place where reality and goals align.


    “I sincerely appreciate your hard work on my behalf, your willingness to assist me during an incredibly difficult situation, and your caring, professional handling of both me and this matter. I am grateful to you for helping me, personally and legally. Your concern and compassion meant everything and I feel hopeful now rather than in complete despair. Thank you so much.”

    “I may never be able to express to you how desperate I have felt, how much of a burden I have felt, and how your kindness and assistance inspired me to move forward.”

    “I was thinking that we would not be ready for Monday but I’m very glad you’re doing what you’re doing. I would have given away the store by myself and been wondering where it all went. Thanks to you and your wonderful team. I now feel there will, in fact, be life after divorce.”

    “Alisa and her team used grit and tenacity during my divorce case. I wanted to achieve long-term financial support and primary custody of my children, and Alisa helped me do just that! She achieved 10 years of non-modifiable spousal support and 60% custody. She was recommended to me by a friend, and I will pay it forward for the next friend who needs a strong attorney!”

    Do our mission, vision and services fit the approach you’d like to pursue?

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