Transitions Legal: a full-service law firm dedicated to helping our clients navigate the often rocky waters of life’s transitions, taking your family to the next level.

Divorce doesn’t have to be messy. Led by family law expert Alisa Peskin-Shepherd, Transitions Legal’s team guides clients toward peaceful resolution of dissolving marriages and maintaining post-divorce harmony, especially when children are involved.

“The first step in any divorce is to articulate your basic values – what’s important to you? Then make your choices on that basis,” says Alisa Peskin-Shepherd. “If you know your priorities, it is easier to decide which fights are worth having and which ones you can set aside.”


Alisa Peskin-Shepherd receives honorable mention as one of Michigan’s top divorce lawyers – Best of Michigan Magazine, December 2013 and 2014

With more than two decades of experience as a family, divorce and custody attorney, mediator and collaborative divorce practitioner, Alisa Peskin-Shepherd is celebrated for her attention to detail, compassion and mediative approach to resolving legal issues related to divorce and family. Her proven strategies and solutions help her clients transition from one situation to the next with ease. Much of her work focuses on resolving post-judgment issues in an efficient and effective manner.

Going Solo

I’ve been a solo practitioner for some years now, and I am truly glad I took this big step. Yes, it’s hard being in private practice, with all firm responsibilities on my shoulders. But it’s also more rewarding, too. I recently read an interesting blog post on LinkedIn by attorney Anissa C. Hudy, who practices […]

Dignified Divorce Driven By Compassionate Expertise

“Whenever possible, I try to guide my clients toward a satisfactory resolution outside of court,” says Alisa Peskin-Shepherd, principal and founder, Transitions Legal. “I work with opposing counsel in an effort to be collaborative rather than acrimonious. I really care about my clients. We do whatever possible to create the best possible outcome in every divorce, so that our clients can step into the next phase of their lives with confidence and strength.”